Art Direction & Motion Designer


Car Parking Climax



This film shows a young couple reversing their car into an incredibly tight parking space, aided by a rather erotic reverse parking sensor. As well as being involved with the entire pitch process, once we were awarded the project I accompanied the shoot with the 3rd party production crew and graded / edited the final advert.

Durex ECG



This animation shows an ECG machine, the camera then pans into a close up. The spikes of a heart rate monitor morph into a silhouette of a couple in varying sexual positions. As the passion intensifies their heart rates increase, until the ECG monitor is brought crashing to the ground.

Zeitgeist Opening Titles



Zeitgeist is a collection of inspiring videos shown to the viewing public. This video was one part of two videos played as the introduction at the annual conference held over two days. It's has a very graphical approach and contains many visual / word plays that help to tell this kinetic type story.

Nissan Juke Story



How did they think of it? Where did it come from? What really inspired the first compact crossover of its kind? In this video we hear the story of how Juke evolved from a simple sketch, to the one of the most unique and exciting cars on the road today. A car that is truly Built to Thrill with a unique story to be told.

Nick the Greek


Self Promotion

Typographical response taken from the film, Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. This video was one of the first kinetic videos and plays out the words in an entertaining and unsuspecting fashion. It now has half a million views on YouTube this is without any seeding, just word of mouth.

The Coal Exchange


National Waterfront Museum

This video is a documentary about the activities of the Cardiff Coal Exchange at the height of the coal trade in 1911-13. It takes as its theme a typical day’s trading, and allows the visitor to see how, from one building, arrangements could be made for coal to be mined, transported, loaded on ships and exported across the world.

Malaria Film



I was given the challenge to revamp a film about Malaria as the GSK client was not happy with it the previous animation. I created a storyboard with very simple graphical approach and I added new fonts to try to balance out the main font used which was 'Impact'. I also simplified the colour palette and added some 3D elements, as well as overlaying some photographic imagery.

Benwhiteportfolio Showreel


Self Promotion

A two minute visual burst of all my best bits over the past couple of years in the commercial world. Enjoy!

The New Beetle 2



I designed the social media elements and refreshed the coms panel for the launch of the new Beetle 2 car by Volkswagen. The main tag line was 'it's back' and this was make consumers aware of the Beetle's new more masculine boot and overall body shape. This was important for VW because the feedback from the original car was that its shape was too feminine.

Laing O'Rourke Site


Laing O'Rourke

Visual treatment for Laing O’Rourke global site. A simple and bold visual navigation for a company that makes grand and iconic structures. It was to be built purely in HTML5 and would be heavily template based, so new content could be added quickly and effectively. I worked on this project whilst freelancing at Imagination.

Nokia viNe



Nokia viNe was a breakthrough mobile application that records photos, videos, and music while geo tagging them to a multimedia map of the user’s life. Then other user's would be able to follow their friends vines and tag and share their own content with one another. I produced all design work whilst working at R/GA.

Bacardi World



The site uses the globe as the central device to access all relevant information about concerts, interviews, clubs locations and links relevant to those cities nightlife. The user would be able to access the Bacardi database which would grow and develop over time. This would bring the brand closer to its target audience and would increase brand awareness.

Blive Beatology



Blive Beatology is a musical microsite; it features the beat boxer Beardyman. Customising a mixture of different sounds, with the left heads being the treble parts and the right heads being the drum parts on the right. I built all the stacked speakers and monitors on the homepage as well as creating the site's design.

McCain Potato Gourmet



The McCain Potato Gourmet was a microsite designed to promote a new Gourmet range. The different products are selected from the homepage. On selection the ingredients begin to spin and then a slow matrix style freeze frame happens to list the ingredients. Afterwards, they spin again to create the completed plate and the user can also look up new recipes.

Sony Hidden



The Xperia Z1 was hidden in 5 different UK locations. The competition was played out in a series of online clues and teasers. The user could guess from any of the staggered twitter clues which became progressively easy to identify it's location. I created all the teasers and clues that went out leading up to the event and I also created the showcase video of the day.

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Who am I

I'm a creative Senior Graphic and Motion Designer who specialises in art direction, motion and graphic design for digital and broadcast.

Over the past 13 years I have worked in NMA Top 40 Advertising, Marketing and Interactive agencies. I'm passionate about communication design, innovation, typography and all things motion.


Creative Art Direction, Innovation, Graphic Design, Motion Design, 3D Modelling, 3D Animation, Rich Media Design, Web Design, Typographic Design, Aftereffects, Particular, Red Giant, Cinema 4D and CS Adobe Suite.


I work with

Adidas, Bacardi, BBC, Baileys, Captain Morgen, Durex, Google, Infiniti, ITV, Lucozade, Lynx, M&S, Mini, Natwest, Nike, Nissan, Nokia, RoyalMail, Shell, Sky, Smirnoff, T-Mobile, Tropicana, Virgin, Volkswagen and Zeitgeist.



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